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A Second Introduction

Welcome to the Second Vida Vintage Blog!

It's been exactly one month since our official launch on October 10th (!!) and we're excited to finally welcome you to our blog. You may have already browsed our website or social platforms leaving us about 15 seconds of the 30 we have to make a lasting impression. So here goes...


Second Vida Vintage is a small business based in Niagara, Ontario offering a lovingly curated selection of pre-loved home décor and lifestyle products.

Our collections are hand-picked with the utmost love and care so you can buy vintage with confidence; we strive to only offer pieces we would proudly bring into our own home. 


We are an engaged couple whose plans for a summer 2020 wedding came to a screeching halt following the outbreak of COVID-19 (is the Earth still off its axis?) 

At the start of the pandemic mayhem, we found ourselves moving into our first home, off work and having to reschedule our wedding two times (third time’s a charm?) We wanted to take advantage of all the free time we had on our hands and dove into trying to make our new house a cozy home...but our options were limited given all the store closures.

We turned to pre-loved home décor.

In our hunt for the perfect pieces, we came across many incredible vintage gems that made our new home exactly what we wanted: a home filled with meaningful stories, loving memories and purpose.

And thus, Second Vida Vintage was born.


Vida means 'life' in Spanish. Our name pays homage to the Hispanic heritage of one half of our team. Though not fluent in Spanish, the other half is an avid learner!

To us, Second Vida Vintage represents the fulfilling second life we discovered as the result of a rather complicated year. 

To you, Second Vida Vintage may represent an opportunity to breathe renewed life into your home. It may be your chance to contribute to creating a less wasteful, more sustainable world by giving a second life, or a Second Vida, to pieces that may otherwise end up in a landfill. 


…and thus concludes our 30 seconds and second introduction. 

We are so honoured that you have taken the time to get to know us and look forward to getting to know you! We hope you enjoy the blog topics we have planned for you and welcome any suggestions you may have. Just let us know in the comments.

As always, our casa is yours. 

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